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SN. Date Title Description
1 8/18/2021 Spairal Leaftlate Published About DRR Management-related IEC materials. Download
2 8/18/2021 Book let published of Nettel. use of Nettel (Sisno). Download
3 8/18/2021 Booklet published of child marriage related legal management and information. child marriage-related legal management and information. Download
4 8/18/2021 Booklet published of earthquake safe house construction techniques. earthquake safe house construction techniques for RCC and SMM houses. Download
5 8/18/2021 Published of Emergency communication Diary Emergency communication Diary. Download
6 8/18/2021 Visiting card of Tole free no. for fedbak macanisum. Visiting card published of tole free no. for accountability. Download
7 8/18/2021 Calender Published with IEC of family health self evaluation schedule. Calendar Published with IEC of family health self-evaluation schedule. Download
8 8/18/2021 Published the Cardamom cultivation diary for farmers. Cardamom cultivation diary for farmers. Download