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Shree Swanra Integrated Community Development Center (SSICDC) Gorkha is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit making organization established by young and energetic youths in 1987 AD. The Organization has been working continuously since its establishment with the poorest and downtrodden people who are typically the social outcaste, women, children, and the disadvantaged group, in general, of different castes and races. The overall program's coverage of the organization is Community Health and Sanitation education, Maternal and Child Health Mobile clinic in coordination with DPHO(District Public Health Office), Sub-Health post, Health Post, conflict transformation and peacebuilding, quality education, drinking water supply and sanitation, Informal adult and child education, women empowerment, microfinance, farmers managed irrigation, income generation through agriculture and forest resource management, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, entrepreneurship development, disaster risk reduction, emergency rescue, responses, and recovery, community managed infrastructures like wooden bridge building, child development, reproductive health, child and women rights, gender issues and social inclusion. It is one of the local levels leading NGO that has adopted participatory approaches in working with the marginalized families and communities in delivering the developmental programs in two municipalities and nine rural municipalities of Gorkha district. It has the privilege of being community-based, locally recognized for its goodwill and the image within the community. Presently the organization has an executive committee of 7 members and 86 general members on the most inclusive basis. The organization has conducted its 33 glorious general assemblies in this year 2077 B.S. The organization has accomplished the projects - Health and Sanitation Education, toilet construction, MCH mobile clinic in 25 VDCs, Integrated Community Development Program at 8 VDCs, HIV/AIDS Control Program on 24 VDCs and one Gorkha Municipality, Dhaka Knitting Training to Swanra VDC, Non-formal education to 10 VDCs, Rural water Supply and Sanitation Program in 19 VDCs and Gorkha Municipality directly benefiting more than 130000 people of the Gorkha District, Community Based Water Supply and Sanitation Program in Dolpa District, Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project (DRILP) in association with consultants in Gorkha, Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) under DDC and Gorkha Municipality in Gorkha and HIV/AIDS Comprehensive program to migrants and their spouses in partnership with Save the Children International funded by Global Fund (SSF) Round-10 in Gorkha, Hariyo Ban Program with the partnership of CARE Nepal & WWF Nepal funded by USAID, Hariyo Ban Program/ Windows of Opportunity with the partnership of WWF Nepal funded by USAID, Improve Cooking Stove Program with the partnership of DDC Gorkha/ AEPC, Sakeshar Nepal Aviyan under District Education Office, Gorkha, Youth Partnership Program under DDC, Gorkha, Emergency Response, Reconstruction, Recovery and Resilience Programs with the partnership with CARE Nepal, Save the Children, WWF Nepal, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, CRS, PAF, JSDF, Raleigh International, Lutheran World Relief and Poverty Alleviation Fund. Similarly, the organization has implemented Hariyo Ban Program with the partnership of WWF Nepal funded by USAID, WASH activities, Food Security and Livelihood, PRAYASH – II, DRR, and safe Justice project with the partnership of CARE Nepal funded by different donors, Earthquake Reconstruction and Resilience Project- Phase –I & II with the partnership of CRS, COVID-19 Response program-I with the partnership of CRS and CARE Nepal. Currently, SSICDC has been implementing the Socio-Technical Facilitation Service for Housing Reconstruction Program In Gorkha with the partnership of UNDP/ODRC funded by the Government of INDIA and COVID-19 Response program-II with the partnership of CRS and CARE Nepal.

Vision of SSICDC:

SSICDC’s vision of the future is a society where people’s rights are fully respected with opportunities to lead a productive, happy and dignified human life irrespective of their religion, sex & caste and material condition.

Mision of SSICDC

SSICDC works to encourage people’s participation in development process through capacity building of the communities. It supports local initiative to create a better future of the rural backward communities. This will be attempted through strengthening the civil society, especially the users groups complementing the local government efforts.

Goals of SSICDC

The overall goal of SSICDC is to contribute meaningfully to improve the quality of life of rural backward communities of Nepal.

Objectives of SSICDC

The main objectives of the organization are to: • Conduct Child Rights and Development Programs. • Conduct women empowerment programs. • Sustainable agriculture development. • Lunch programs in human rights and social inclusion. • Deliver sustainable health and hygiene benefits to the rural people through the provision of safe Drinking water interlinked with low-cost sanitation and health education. • Improve rural Infrastructure facilities like foot trails, trail bridges, micro-irrigation, micro-hydropower, community buildings and rural roads etc. • Promote saving and credit & Co-operative. • Develop and promote appropriate technologies in rural areas. • Develop, disseminate and promote renewable energy technologies in the rural area. • Conserve environment and natural resources & encourage its sustainable use. Create and Prepare a good learning environment for quality inclusive education. • Create employment opportunities through various income-generating and vocational training. • Organize the awareness program and other different social, economic, and educational programs for the upliftment of marginalized groups. • improve the livelihood focused on tourism, livestock, medicinal herbs.

Organogram of SSICDC

Organogram of SSICDC.

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