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01 Jan, 1988

10:00 AM

01 Jan, 1997

05:00 AM

Thumi, Aaruchanute, Aaruarbang, Swanra, saurpani VDCs of Gorkha District.

Integrated Community Development Program

Major activities: 
Child Education,  Adult Education, Scholarship for Students, Women Empowerment, Community Group Mobilization and Micro Credit Support, Income Generation Program, Agro-Forestry, Saving and Credit, Goat Raising, Poultry Farming, MCH Clinic, Health Camp, Sponsor Child Health Camp, family planning, School Building Construction, Irrigation, Wooden Bridge Building, Vegetable Farming, Pig Raising and Child survival project, CHV and VHP Training, First Aid Training and kit Box distribution to school Teachers, Safe Motherhood Program, Nutrition and Immunization Program for Under 5 children, School Health Education program, Sponsor children Health check camp etc.