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01 Mar, 1998

10:00 AM

30 Dec, 2011

05:00 AM

One Municipality and 13 VDCs of Gorkha District.

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Gorkha. (RWSSFDB)

Each Scheme Completed in 4 stages:

Feasibility Study:

During the pre-feasibility basically, two experts in the area of social science and engineering will engage. PRA, focused group discussion, site verification, interaction with various groups, social mobilization and technical verification are the major methodology applying in the pre-feasibility study.

Development Phase:

Community Mobilization, Institutional Development Activity and Socio-Economic Activity including Technical Support Which includes Formation and Registration of Water Users Group (WUG) underwater resource act, Health and Sanitation Education (HSE), Mother Tap stand Group Formation, Promotion of Personal, Domestic and Environmental Hygiene, Preparation of Community Action Plan (CAP) from CAP Trainings, Mother and Child Health, Education, Women Water Supply and Sanitation Implementation Plan, School Health Education Activities, WSUC/WUG, VMW, VHP, WTSS and WSUC Treasurer Trainings, Community Based Survey and Preparation social profile, design and estimate preparation, financial proposal preparation, O&M Fund (3%of total cost) and Upfront cost (2.5% of total hardware cost) collection, Aware of collecting local material and kind contribution (30-40%). HHs and Institutional Latrine Construction.

Implementation Phase:

Water Supply Scheme Construction, VHP, WTSS, and WUC Treasurer Trainings, Carried out the following Activities:

  • Scheme Layout and Construction,
  • Sanitation Program/ Utilization of SRLF.
  • Health Education Support to Mother and Child Tap Stand Groups,
  • Village Environment Hygiene Promotion,
  • Technical Support Service,
  • Non-Formal Education Activities,
  • Water Source Protection,
  • Local Material Collection,
  • Community Cost Contribution,
  • Community Procurement,
  • Community Person Power,
  • SOs Person Power,
  • Operation and Maintenance, and
  • Community Monitoring and Evaluation. 

Post Implementation Phase:

Providing WSUC Post construction training, Water Tariff collection, VMW Operation and Maintenance Training, regular meeting and minute of Women Group, WSUC, and Mother Tap stand Group, Teacher Student Health and Sanitation Group, Information dissemination. and celebration of World Water Day, Sanitation Week, regular fallow up on household toilet using, Handwashing practice, Declaration of Open Defecation Free Area, Proper account keeping and documentation support to WSUC.